Solar-Games was formed in 2013 as a team of young and ambitious game developers who dreamed of creating games, totally different from those “copy-book” mobile apps. The main waymark and source of inspiration were the good old, but misfortunately forgotten games of the early 90s. Everyone of our team shares the same goal: to deliver best game experiences, whatever the platform, that are immersive and engaging. We handle the entire process of game development, from concept to implementation and ensure everything we deliver is the highest quality and works in game.


The first studio’s project- Dragons Journey was released in July 2013, and proved that even in the genre of casual games you can create a game with original and addictive gameplay, avoiding the streamlined, but pretty boring paths like Match 3 and Arcanoid clones.

The second studio’s project Star Draft was released not only fo mobiles, but for the PC as well. The game was a space simulator, which includes the cooperative mode.

The next project was literally a gift for fans of undeservedly forgotten genre of Rogue-like RPG. Dungeon Explorer II is a 3D RPG in the first person, reviving the tradition of such legendary games as Eye Of The Beholder.

The project Aftersound, released earlier this year, was «test of pen» in the genre of creepy games. The ingenuity of this game was that the player learn his way around literally by ear.

Then the Studio released «Dictator». When creating a “Dictator” the team drew inspiration from classic games for the ZX Spectrum. “Dictator” is a unique fusion of the text strategy and political simulator, which allows the player to feel himself in the seat of the ruler of the state.

Now we keep doing our own IP such as Flat Army and Dungeon Explorer and also do outsource projects