Guide the dragons through picturesque fantasy locations, avoid the enemy's traps, hunt for treasures, use the hefty power of magical artifacts, fly your dragons with one touch of a finger, and help them return to their cave in the bright and dynamic game, Dragons’ Journey!


  • Control 5 types of dragons with different behavior patterns!
  • Explore over 100 levels in 5 chapters with unique locations!
  • Travel fantasy rivers and meadows, hunt for treasures in a dark wood, avoid traps in a desert and lurking enemies on a mountain pass, and save the dragons' nests from burning inside a volcano!
  • Slow down the time and make your dragons invincible with the power of magical artifacts!
  • Get to know the world of Dragons’ Journey with a funny cartoon!
  • Control your dragons with a single movement of a finger and share your achievements with friends on social networks!